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Some attempts are unexpectedly timing out

Dec 08 at 07:20pm EST
Affected services
HTTP Delivery

Dec 08 at 07:53pm EST

We traced the issue back to Heroku-hosted URLs. Heroku is having a router incident, so Hookdeck is behaving as intended. However, our Mock API is currently hosted on Heroku, so users using the Mock API will also have been impacted by those timeouts.

Dec 08 at 07:32pm EST

Only a small subset of destinations are impacted, with most timeouts originating form our Mock API ( We are still investigating the root cause.

Dec 08 at 07:20pm EST

We are investigating an issue were attempt are timing out regardless of the destination responsiveness. This seems to be caused by a networking problem within GCP. If you have a retry logic enabled, attempts will be retried. Otherwise you can bulk retry once the problem is fully resolved.