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Lost event payload data

Nov 03 at 09:09am EDT
Affected services

Nov 03 at 09:09am EDT

Problem: Missing payload data

We made two changes related to how we store data in Hookdeck, resulting in us introducing an edge case scenario where payload data could be lost.


Between October 21st, 01:54:00AM UTC, and November 3rd, 20:26:00 UTC, 2023, resulting in 0.00039% of event payloads were impacted. Of these, 0.00037% were delivered at least once, and 0.00002% of the total payloads were lost and not delivered.


The issue has been resolved as of November 3rd, 20:26:00 UTC, 2023.

Full postmortem

See the Postmortem - 2023-11-09: Lost payload data for full details: